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Great interest for research presented at GI2021 Conference (5-8 July 2022)

Myself, presenting the research paper. On the left, Prof Belletti

On 6 July 2022, at the conference Worldwide Perspectives on Geographical Indications, held in Montpellier (France), I presented a paper entitled 'Silent GIs: what is at stake?'.

I am currently developing this research with Prof Giovanni Belletti and Prof Andrea Marescotti, both affiliated to the University of Florence. The investigation explores the topic of the Geographical Indications that appear on the register but that are not truly used in the practice.

Despite still being in a very initial phase, the research paper stimulated considerable interest among the audience and was discussed at length in the Q&A session.

Myself and Prof Gimeno listening to the panel's presentations

Moreover, I had the pleasure to moderate the session 'The Nature of GIs: Key Principles' together with Prof Vicente Gimeno of the University of Alicante. We were deeply impressed by the incredibly high level of the presentations and of the following discussion.

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