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New contribution: an introduction to the specificities of the EU GI system

In early December 2021, this great volume was published. It is edited by Anselm Kamperman Sanders and Anke Moerland, two of the most prominent EU IP specialists, based at the University of Maastricht.

It also features my contribution 'Sui generis, bureaucratic and based on origin: a snapshot of the nature of EU Geographical Indications'

Here, I provide a profile of the EU sui generis GI system and, building upon comparative, historical and empirical elements, I explain why it is different from the other GI protection models.

I believe that this contribution can be useful to anyone who wishes to understand the EU sui generis GI system and in particular its functioning, origin, importance and - potential - future development.

The volume 'ntellectual Property as a Complex Adaptive System is available on Edward Elgars' eBookshop, here.

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