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Study developed for the EU Commission now online

The 'Study on control and enforcement rules for GI protection for non-agricultural products in the EU' is out today, 6 September 2021. It can be found here.

I thank the EU Commission for having me as consultant as well as the VVA team and Tanguy Chever for working with me on this project.

This was not an easy study to complete. We focused on how control and enforcement could be ensured in the EU for the protection of non-agricultural products, should EU GI Law protection be extended to these goods.

In particular, the study carries out both a legal and en economic analysis, presenting various original scenarios and case studies. Then, it proposes different policy solutions that the EU could adopt.

As all the works of this, also this study has some limits. For instance, it is not always as all-encompassing and detailed as we would like it to be.

However, we hope that both the EU policymakers and the practitioners who work in this area of EU GI Law may find it interesting.

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